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  • Trial to Triumph

    Trial to Triumph would like to thank LEA Insurance Brokers for their support. I would lik to make special mention of Matt Daw, who has been with us from the beginning giving great advice on all things insurance. 

  • Storm Damage Claim- Michelle

    Hi Michelle 

    Thanks very much for your professional attention to my claim appreciate it, 

    Cheers Peter.

  • Oceanside Plumbing

    Wow that's impressive service Michelle, fastest claim in histroy!  

    Thank you so much for your prompt attention, this allows me to get the tools replaced this week and no loss of productivity, the perfect result. 

    Thanks again. 

  • Carrie Oakley- Hungry Jacks
    Hi Troy,
    Thanks so much for all your support when needed and efficiency to sending Murray up to me. It took us 8 days
    9.5 hours to be up and fully operational and exhausted . Big thanks  to Leanne for her great efforts as well
    Thanks again,
    Carrie and team 
  • Richard Monaghan

    Dear Barry,

    Recently I had to lodge a claim on my policy for property damage caused as the result of a storm.

    I contacted LEA and their claims team handled my claim in an efficient and professional manner, providing clear guidance as to the procedures to follow.

    In summary and despite the circumstances,  a most pleasant experience dealing with LEA.


    Richard Monaghan

  • Danny & Kerry K

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your assistance with our recent claim for trauma cover.  It was, and still is a very stressful time following the diagnosis of breast cancer. The days and weeks that followed was a blur, becoming mind numbing from numerous doctor and specialist visits, surgery, further setbacks, and more surgery! The whole medical process is efficient, but stressful! However, to your credit and to the credit of OnePath, the process of lodging a claim for trauma cover was a fairly easy and painless. It looked daunting at first with the amount of forms to fill out and information to gather, but in fact it was quite easy, and made even easier with the help provided by OnePath. My case manager (Helen) was very good at guiding me through the paperwork, and provided me with all the necessary information and documents via email.  

    I'll be the first to admit I was a sceptic in regards to obtaining a claim. I thought after all these years of paying insurance premiums, come the day I need help, they would find a way to deny me.

    Even to the last minute I thought they would knock us back for something minor, be it a form filled out incorrectly, or we eat breakfast too early! But I now stand corrected. The company you aligned me with (OnePath) to take care of our family insurance needs, have proved to be honest trustworthy, and true to their word.

    Paul, I thank you for your help, and we appreciate your guidance in all things insurance.

    Regards, Danny & Kerry. 


  • E.T - Life Insurance

    We met Paul after having our policy for 11 years and had tried to review it with our existing broker who dismissed us.

    Ed rang six insurance brokers to address the issue.

    Of all the calls only Paul contacted us and arranged to drive from the Gold Coast to Brisbane to discuss our needs.

    When Paul was looking through our documents he pointed out that there was a total and permanent disability insurance that we could have claimed based on our situation.

    Ed has suffered from an untreatable depressive illness for 6 years and had been unable to work. During this period he had been hospitalised, and had unsuccessfully tried various trial drugs and electric shock treatment. We had sadly pealed off various assets awaiting any improvement.

    Paul tenaciously followed our TPD claim and kept us informed at every turn. The Psychiatrists supporting Ed wrote a lengthy report to assist the claim. Paul kept the insurance claim officers in the loop and on task.

    We are ecstatic that we were successful with the claim because it means that if we are extremely prudent we will not lose everything we worked so hard for prior to the depression. For me I will cut down the 12 hour days to a steady eight.

    We are eternally grateful to have met someone who is genuinely doing business for the right reasons. A man of integrity I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be in trusted hands. 

  • Ann & Bruce Nelmes
    Dear Leanne
    Just a short note to thank you for what I consider to be an outstanding result in your handling of my claim with Allianz Insurance.
    Your competence was without equal and the speed and the manner in which you dealt with the situation is to be commended.
    Kind regards
    Ann & Bruce Nelmes
  • A & F Robertson

    We would like to thank our broker Warren and his claim's assistant Michelle for the wonderful service and support that they have given us throughout our recent claim.
    LEA Insurance Brokers have been our Home and Motor Vehicle insurance advisors for the last ten years and we recently had a very scary ordeal where unknown intruders entered our garage and stole one of our vehicles and also various contents from the garage,
    We contacted our brokers Warren and his claims assistant Michelle. They were very quick to get the claim lodged and processed quickly.
    We were very fortunate to have our vehicle replaced within 3 weeks of it being stolen due to the motor vehicle policy LEA Insurance Brokers had us insured under.
    The same week we received our settlement on the stolen contents item under our house policy.
    Michelle’s claims expertise and delightful manner turned the situation from a nightmare to a pleasant and less painful experience; we could not have got through this without her.

  • Phil & Carla Kerridge - Life Insurance

    We were first introduced to Life insurance through Lea Life Brokers when we built our first home in 2002. The prospect of one of us carrying on alone with a mortgage made this insurance a necessity (a no brainer!). What we hadn't heard about, let alone considered at the time was Trauma Cover. Once the significance of this cover was fully understood by us (and in light of the statistics of illness and accident related trauma), this also was considered to not be just a "nice to have" but indeed also a necessity.

    As the years past, and household projects and other budgetary constrictions took hold (as they do), we decided that we should perhaps drop the Trauma cover but still retain the Life cover as a cut back compromise. Fortunately for us at this time, we were due for our annual visit and insurance health check from the man we have come to know as Insurance Paul (AKA the Sugar Ray Leonard of the Insurance community!). After discussing our plan with Paul, we were brought back to earth in terms of what this cover actually means and decided to continue with it coupled to our Life insurance.

    Approximately another year then passed, and in 2008 my wife was diagnosed with Breast cancer. To complicate matters we were also expecting our first child! In the midst of all of the fear, worry and heartache the arrival of our newborn was bittersweet. My wife underwent immediate treatment and many subsequent months of recovery as all folks combating this disease must do.

    From the time of the initial confirmation of the diagnosis, Paul swung into action on our behalf and processed our claim. The lump sum payment not only cleared our mortgage but also provided additional funds left over to assist us through this difficult period of our lives. Another small twist to our story, is that when my wife took maternity leave, we had planned to cancel her Income Protection insurance (through our bank) as we thought that it would no longer be needed. Luckily we were told that this must be advised to the insurer in writing - which luckily we didn't get around to doing - whew!

    Everybody's circumstances are different, however we are all subject to the randomness of disease and injury. Without the insurance portfolio advised & provided to us by Paul, we would have had to endure the ongoing & constant financial pressures of life - whilst battling with this terrible disease. For this we are forever indebted to Paul for his objective, practical and ultimately sound advice.

    From our experience, these are the types of insurances that we would gladly continue to pay for - if for only in the hope that we never have to use them!

    Phil & Carla Kerridge 23/01/2013.

  • Lesley Thomson - Trauma & Income Protection

    Hi Paul,

    I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance with our claim.  Sometimes you think why are you paying all this money each month, and then something happens like Norman having the heart attack and you are very glad you listened to advice and took out Trauma cover.  You are correct, not that many people die but lots have major illness or accidents and that is when you need the help.

    When we made our claim you helped with all the paperwork and made the process very easy, when we had other things on our mind, and when talking to you realised we should have made a claim on the policy almost 20 years ago when Norman had the Melanonma.  You encouraged me to get some old information from the doctor and submit the claim and today we received a cheque for that too, which I would have never known to do without you.  If we had taken out these policies on our own I would firstly never have claimed on the Melanoma and secondly would have had a lot more paperwork to do when we were seeing doctors etc so for us having LEA Insurance Brokers and you helping us has been very beneficial.

    Also when we had to claim on a rental property insurance, Alan Graham was the same, helped us each step of the way.

    I have had nothing but amazing service from you all, being in the Hospitality Management business for over 25 years, I can say that is something to be very proud of and I will most certainly be recommending you and your company to family and friends.  We consider you guys to be friends as well as our Brokers.

    Thanks again

    Lesley Thomson

  • Victor Watt - Life Insurance

    A Personal Recommendation

    To anyone considering personal insurance, I would recommend you use the services of Paul Langdale and LEA Insurance Brokers, as at claim time they are of invaluable assistance, as per my story below.

    "I just wanted to say thanks to Paul Langdale and LEA Insurance Brokers for both the advice he provided initially, and also the assistance with my late wife, Jenny's terminal illness claim, at what was a very distressing time for all concerned.

    We orginally took this policy out in 2009, and unfortunately Jenny was diagnosed with cancer in mid-2010.  The prognosis at that time was not good and under Paul's guidance we applied for the terminal illness benefit under her life insurance.

    Paul assisted us with all of the paperwork and went into bat for us when the Insurer looked to limit the payment, and he was successful in that regard, obtaining the full payment for us.

    Paul personally delivered the cheque to us at Pindara Hospital, and this of course was a very emotional time.

    Thanks Paul and all of you at LEA Insurance Brokers for your guidance, empathy and assistance through this journey."


    Victor Watt


  • Lars Hedberg

    Hi Troy

    I wanted to let you know about our recent trip overseas and our need to access the travel insurance that we have taken up through your advice.

    I had the misfortune of suffering a heart attack in Germany on 1st August 2012 and within 2 hours had stent inserted.  This story, though, is not about my medical problems, but rather the outstanding service provided by both your office and Chubb Insurance.  As you can understand this medical event is very traumatic for your spouse, particularly when it occurs in a foreign country.  A phone call to you got us the Chubb number and from then on we were in their hands.

    Chubb paid the hospital direct adn ensured that Madonna had accommodation etc.

    Our return to Australia 3 weeks later was through Bangkok, where I felt unwell with a tight chest, the Airport Medical team sent us off to a private hospital for more tests etc.

    Madonna again rang Chubb and received the same confident, caring response from them regarding our situation.  Chubb settled with the hospital direct.

    Insurance Companies don't get a lot of credit these days, and I want to let you know that our expectations were exceeded.  When we had to use the insurance. Chubb was there for us, very efficient and supportive.

    I will not go overseas without this sort of insurance.  On a brighter note I will recover well.


    Lars Hedberg


  • Karl Farmer, Director | Alfords

    LEA Insurance is more than just our insurance broker, the firm is an integral part of our business network. As a professional practice, we are constantly requested by clients to refer them to other business professionals. Until meeting LEA Insurance, we were reluctant to refer clients to an insurance broker out of fear that clients will not be adequately serviced and the referral would reflect poorly on our office. We are happy to say that since the commencement of our relationship with LEA Insurance, this has never been a problem again. In fact, its now quite the opposite. We have never had a client that has had a bad experience at LEA Insurance. In short, a referral to LEA Insurance make us look good! LEA Insurance have never failed to provide us and our clients with exceptional service. Their depth of service, technical expertise and their responsiveness to our requests sets them apart and accounts for our long-term relationship.

  • Andrew Grant, Executive Director/Proprietor | Coolabah Tree Cafe

    Coolabah Tree Cafes have been a very satisfied customer of LEA Insurance for nearly four years now! During this time LEA have surpassed our expectations with cost savings in premiums, exceptional service and fast, no-nonsense processing of our claims! We enjoy the fact that LEA is our one-stop Insurer whether it be “Business”, “Personal”, “Motor”, “Travel”, and anything else, which provides us with the peace of mind that, that area of our business is in safe hands. Coolabah Tree Cafés look forward to great associations with people not just businesses and we are happy to say the professionalism of LEA Insurance brokers is well and truly matched by great people in Troy and Eric! Here’s to a continued long and enjoyable association!

  • Burhan Göktas, General Manager | Origin Kebabs

    Competing in the fast food game for over 20 years is not an easy journey. And to be able to compete on a national basis with larger multi national chains, every element of our business demands special attention. Whilst we thought we had our insurance in order, LEA, within 2 hours of discussion presented creative methods to cover our businesses in which we and others would never have thought possible. LEA covered our Head Quarters, our production arm and our franchisee’s businesses systematically, with attention to detail and with better pricing. Our experience and relationship with LEA management and its staff members is one of professionalism and at times a little fun along the way. If you are seeking insurance cover, we highly recommend LEA.

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